Plusnic Nicotine Booster 18mg/ml

PlusNic is a nicotine booster for e-liquids that contain no nicotine. This is a strong additive and must be diluted with the e-liquid of your choice to achieve your desired nicotine strength.

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Plusnic Nicotine Booster 18mg/ml

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  • 1 x 10ml Bottle of PlusNic - Nicotine Booster
  • PG/VG: 30/70
  • 18mg/ml - 720 MCG/Dose
  • 10ml Childproof Bottle
  • Contains Vegetable Glycerin
  • Contains Propylene Glycol
  • 0mg E-Liquid Additive
How To Use
  • To Make 30ml bottle with 3mg Nicotine Strength: Add 5ml of PlusNic to to a 25ml Short Fill E-Liquid to make 30ml 3mg E-Liquid.
  • To Make 60ml bottle with 3mg Nicotine Strength: Add 10ml of PlusNic to to a 50ml Short Fill E-Liquid to make 60ml 3mg E-Liquid.
  • To Make 120ml bottle with 3mg Nicotine Strength: Add 20ml of PlusNic to to a 100ml Short Fill E-Liquid to make 120ml 3mg E-Liquid.
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Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Manufacturer No
Volume 10ml
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Since the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) has come into effect, manufacturers have found a clever new way of producing e-liquid in bottles larger than 10ml - these are known as short fill bottles. These bottles can be any size (normally 60ml, 100ml or 120ml) and have free space in the bottle for a nicotine booster to be added. The short-fill e-liquid itself is nicotine-free, and the basic idea is to add your required strength of nicotine as a shot in the top of the bottle, then shake to combine the two. A 120ml short-fill bottle will contain 100ml of juice, leaving 20ml of space for 2 nicotine boosters - resulting in a 120ml mixed bottle. 60ml bottles will contain 50ml of juice, leaving 10ml of space for the nicotine to be added.

For example, if you are used to a nicotine content of 3mg, then simply add one 10ml 18mg bottle of nicotine solution to 50ml of e-liquid. For 100ml of e-liquid then it would require 2 bottles of nicotine. Once the nicotine is added to the e-liquid you will need to seal and then shake the bottle for around 4 - 5 minutes to ensure that the nicotine has been mixed in. If possible, it is advised to do this more than once and leave the liquid for 24 hours to ensure it has mixed correctly.
We have included a table below to show you in simple terms how much nicotine needs to be added to the short-fill for a bottle of 3mg.
Short Fill Bottle Size Nicotine Shot Final Bottle
60ml (Contains 50ml) 1 x 10ml 18mg Shot 60ml 3mg
120ml (Contains 100ml) 2 x 10ml 18mg Shot 120ml 3mg
The bottles come with a secure plastic cap which can be removed with either a small screwdriver or set of pliers. Once the nicotine has been added, please ensure that the plastic cap is put firmly back in place to avoid spilling any liquid.